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My Works

USS Constellation on the Dismal Coast: Willie Leonard's Journal 1859-1861

(University Press of South Carolina, 2013)
On the threshold of the Civil War, the 22-gun sloop USS Constellation (now a museum ship in Baltimore) was sent as flagship of the U.S. Navy's African Squadron, with the mission of interdicting slave ships from the West African coast. Young Bostonian William Leonard's journal describes in vivid detail his life as an American sailor on such a mission.


"A wholly new perspective"-- David Brion Davis

Voyage to a Thousand Cares

(Naval Institute Press, 2004)
John Lawrence’s story from his personal journal kept aboard USS Yorktown 1844-1845, plus additional narrative; includes encounters with a full cast of Middle Passage characters: the urbane slave dealer, the slave-owning missionary, the dedicated naval captain, and finally a ship loaded with 900 slaves.

Winner of John Lyman Book Award in Naval History

Admiral Dan Gallery:
The Life and Wit of a Navy Original

with Robert Shenk, (Naval Institute Press, 1999).
“This very readable, well-researched biography emerges almost as a vivid self-portrait of a true navy original, and a memorable fighting admiral.”

--Herman Wouk